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Cat-an'-mouse? Nope, Top Dogs!!!

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Terrier Fans Jump to Feet - Team Embraces on Screen Boston - Terrier Nation is top dog pound once again. "Heeey baby, I wanna know right now, will you be my girl?" a chorus of red and white chant, sing, or scream on their way out of Agganis Arena at Boston University. But that excitement cannot compare to the Terrier fans' ecstacy in Washington, D.C.

Playing a see-saw game of Cat-an'-mouse with University of Vermont's Catamounts, the Boston University Terriers clinched a 5-4 victory over the University of Vermont.

The Terriers finished up the first period leading a decisive 2-0, but quickly began to fall behind in the second, first with a tie of 2-2 and then 3-2. But the Terriers stepped up to the challenge, letting the Catamounts they barked up the wrong tree. Soon the score was tied at 3-3 at the end of the second. The third period promised to be an intense one.

Some Terrier fans feared the game over when the Catamounts scored again, leaving BU trailing 4-3. But the Terriers came back to score two nearly consecutive goals, earning the win and the privilege to compete in the Frozen Four Finals.

For those more sports-oriented, get the play-by-plays here.

Fans gathered at Boston University's Agganis Arena for a viewing party, as Dean Elmore invited students in an exclusive video in in BU Today online, an electronic newspaper sent out to all students.

Below, students celebrate their win, and an angry BU Bus driver tells them to tone it down.


Just remember, who's bringing you news so new...even Google News doesn't have too much info about it? Aeamultimedia, that's who.

Let me know if you were there and what your thoughts were!

Until the Championship,


PS - Can I just say that I did a lot of this post with my own written HTML (alt text hint hint) and I am happy? Thanks.


isadora said... @ April 10, 2009 at 11:08 PM

that was the most orgasmic article i've ever read. nice work, lady!

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