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Boston University Junior Ashlie Elizabeth Brings Magic to Multimedia


Published by Ashlie under on 8:38 PM
BOSTON - This just in - fire at 700 Commonwealth Ave, called Warren Towers, a freshman dorm at Boston University. Police, fire, and ambulances have been surrounding the dorm since the fire alarm went off around 8:10PM.

There have been no reported injuries.

Fire officials say it is a small fire in the "elevator room," which he clarified as a "room next to the elevator." It is not a student's room.

Hundreds of evacuated students are currently sitting outside the College of Arts and Sciences and around the surrounding area.

Commonwealth Avenue, from Blandford Street to St. Mary's Street, is closed. Police are redirecting traffic.

More on this as it come in.


These are videos of me on the scene, taken less than twenty five minutes ago.
(One cuts out because my battery kept dying, sorry).

Slideshow of activity near/around 700 Commonwealth Avenue - CLICK TO ENLARGE AND READ DESCRIPTIONS!!!


testing said... @ April 27, 2009 at 7:53 AM

Way to go above & beyond with your coverage. I'm glad to see you using what you've learned in class to report on this important breaking story.

Don't let the lack of comments discourage you. With your perseverance, I'm certain you'll go far--people will know your name.

Great work.

- Prof. M.

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