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FIre at Warren Towers: BU Today Update

Published by Ashlie under on 9:02 AM

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Thanks BU Today for the information.

But...BU Today brought you this story about the elevator "trouble" two days after the incident...aeamultimedia brought it to you an hour later. Next time we'll work on getting the MOST accurate story ASAP (though nobody knew exactly at the time, in my defense). You live, you report, you learn.


Here's the full scoop on Boston University's Emergency

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Source: - Fox 25 News Online

20 rescued from BU Elevators

Last Edited: Saturday, 25 Apr 2009, 11:09 PM EDTCreated On: Saturday, 25 Apr 2009, 11:04 PM EDT

BOSTON (myfoxboston) - Twenty people had to be rescued from elevators on the Boston University campus after an elevator machine overheated and exploded on Saturday.

It happened at the Warren Towers on Commonwealth Avenue. '

The building houses 1,800 students. Everyone was evacuated.
Now you know. Who brings you the news first? That's right, aeamultimedia, that's who.



Published by Ashlie under on 8:38 PM
BOSTON - This just in - fire at 700 Commonwealth Ave, called Warren Towers, a freshman dorm at Boston University. Police, fire, and ambulances have been surrounding the dorm since the fire alarm went off around 8:10PM.

There have been no reported injuries.

Fire officials say it is a small fire in the "elevator room," which he clarified as a "room next to the elevator." It is not a student's room.

Hundreds of evacuated students are currently sitting outside the College of Arts and Sciences and around the surrounding area.

Commonwealth Avenue, from Blandford Street to St. Mary's Street, is closed. Police are redirecting traffic.

More on this as it come in.


These are videos of me on the scene, taken less than twenty five minutes ago.
(One cuts out because my battery kept dying, sorry).

Slideshow of activity near/around 700 Commonwealth Avenue - CLICK TO ENLARGE AND READ DESCRIPTIONS!!!


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Yes, Yes, and RIGHT NOW.


My mom (BU Alum SED/CAS '81), my boyfriend (BU ENG '11), myself (BU COM/CAS '10), and my dad (Financer of BU) were ALL jumping for joy while my little brother watched on like we were crazy as we literally jumped up and down for goal number three. There were high fives, lots of screaming, and "I can't believe it! We did it!" (This was after I started singing "Whoaaah, we're halfway there, whoaaah, livin' on a prayer" really obnoxiously and off key.) Nevermind the win...we ALL marveled over it this morning and agreed it was one of the first things we thought about when we got up today.

BU Terrier Champions. Way to go guys, you deserve it. to get to the parade...hmmm...

Cat-an'-mouse? Nope, Top Dogs!!!

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Terrier Fans Jump to Feet - Team Embraces on Screen Boston - Terrier Nation is top dog pound once again. "Heeey baby, I wanna know right now, will you be my girl?" a chorus of red and white chant, sing, or scream on their way out of Agganis Arena at Boston University. But that excitement cannot compare to the Terrier fans' ecstacy in Washington, D.C.

Playing a see-saw game of Cat-an'-mouse with University of Vermont's Catamounts, the Boston University Terriers clinched a 5-4 victory over the University of Vermont.

The Terriers finished up the first period leading a decisive 2-0, but quickly began to fall behind in the second, first with a tie of 2-2 and then 3-2. But the Terriers stepped up to the challenge, letting the Catamounts they barked up the wrong tree. Soon the score was tied at 3-3 at the end of the second. The third period promised to be an intense one.

Some Terrier fans feared the game over when the Catamounts scored again, leaving BU trailing 4-3. But the Terriers came back to score two nearly consecutive goals, earning the win and the privilege to compete in the Frozen Four Finals.

For those more sports-oriented, get the play-by-plays here.

Fans gathered at Boston University's Agganis Arena for a viewing party, as Dean Elmore invited students in an exclusive video in in BU Today online, an electronic newspaper sent out to all students.

Below, students celebrate their win, and an angry BU Bus driver tells them to tone it down.


Just remember, who's bringing you news so new...even Google News doesn't have too much info about it? Aeamultimedia, that's who.

Let me know if you were there and what your thoughts were!

Until the Championship,


PS - Can I just say that I did a lot of this post with my own written HTML (alt text hint hint) and I am happy? Thanks.

Tweeting for the Twuture...(Future)...

Published by Ashlie under on 2:18 PM
Before I forget, here is my report on Twitter and a short "How to Sign Up" segment.
Part I: Narration: Ashlie Anctil
Part II: Narration: Angela Stefano
Both written/filmed/edited by both.

A blog entry to bother CADIE

Published by Ashlie under on 2:13 PM

I wonder if CADIE will "comment" on anyone on Google or Blogspot or any other Google service provider mentions "her" in their work with the same comment as I got in my previous post. I wonder how long this prank will go on. Depending on how serious they could definitely get creepy.

Actually, I'm a little creeped out by the last comment "she made," not gonna lie.

I found an article written on CADIE which "CADIE" later "commented" on with a similar comment to my last post, but not the same.



Google's Brilliant April Fool's Day Joke

Published by Ashlie under on 11:59 PM
With one minute to spare, and a fear that all of this information that CADIE has to offer for April Fools Day from Google will's 12...

But CADIE is Google's new "AI" that is modeled after Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odessey's HAL.

Proof from 2 Clips:

Ok, it's late now...let's see what GOogle has to say for themselves...

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