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Teppan Edo

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I am leaving tomorrow first thing to fly home from Walt Disney World. While I am slightly devastated, as always when leaving the most amazing place in my life, I am glad to bring home pictures and other multimedia to share. Here, please find an audio/picture report on my experience at Teppan Edo, the Japanese Restaurant in "Japan" in Epcot.

I used a Picasa slideshow to show the pictures I am going to use for soundslides. I put them in roughly the order I will use them when the project is complete.

I could not get my sound to transfer into an MP3, so I saved it as a WAV instead.

Hope this works!

So I cannot figure out for the life of me how to embed the audio...


PS = This is my first experience with Audacity. I think I like Sony Vegas Pro 8 or FinalCut Pro better, personally, but this was definitely a new experience. I am still having some trouble understanding what Amplifying levels mean what.


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