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I Know, Right?

Published by Ashlie under on 2:29 PM
Isn't it interesting the way phrases come and go in our society? I found myself hearing "Right?" and "I know, right?" as an agreement from two different people today, while someone mentioned to me the other day "is that your new phrase?"

Here are some memorable phrases from pop culture/every day life that I can think of off the very top of my head.
Feel free to add more in comments!

1. I know, right?
2. Ballin'
3. Mad ___ (cool/tired/adj.)
4. Intense
5. Hardcore
6. Like
7. Wicked ___ (=adv. do NOT say wicked as an adjective, it's awful!)
8. Totally
9. Sweet
10. What's good?

I could go on and on.





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