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Car Crash on Comm Ave - Breaking News

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BOSTON - Shattered glass reflects a bright white headlight, now laying on the ground. A bumper the size of a wounded large animal sits behind a silver compact car. It is the classic scene of a devastating accident. The cool amber lights on Commonwealth Avenue reveal one car with a damaged back and another with a destroyed front.

Tonight around 8:50 - maybe a bit before or after - a small car hit the back of a City Cab taxi in front of Blandford Street T station on Comm. Ave.

The results are devastating for the little silver vehicle. The front metal is so mangled it is impossible to decipher the maker, but it appears to be an Audi or Hyundai. The City Cab is approximately six to eight feet in front of the car and pointed at a slight angle - nose toward the street. The silver car sits straight ahead.

There do not seem to be any injuries. No ambulances nor police cars were at the scene.

Check out a map of the accident location.

Check back for more information tomorrow.


I love putting classroom-learned skills into real life situations.

So I was on my way home from COM tonight when I saw the aftermath of a serious car crash. I would normally walk by but I saw someone taking pictures. I'm thinking it was the car owner, but I'm not sure. So instead of ignoring it and continuing on to my dorm, I said "I'll call you back" to my friend on my Razr Motorola and whipped out the "Camera" option on it. I then took the following three pictures. I did not have any sort of sound equipment on me to get soundbites from the people involved (though later I realized I could have used the "record" option on my phone - no, I'm not signed up for that cellphone reporting website we saw in class, much to my regret). Anyways, since I didn't have any form of legitimate "journalist" ID I decided against trying to go get involved and interview the people involved. Maybe next time. But at least thinking this way and taking pictures is a start, right? I apologize for the terrible quality of my phone pictures.

Let me know what you think!


PS - Here is another pic that I couldn't physically fit into the story itself:


Steve Garfield said... @ March 26, 2009 at 7:49 AM

Great thinking to stop and take a few photos and post here about it. Now you can sign up for and be ready next time to send in photos and audio from the street, and have it automatically show up on your blog. Cool.

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