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Broken this tragic thing now...and I can't, I can't pick up the pieces...

Published by Ashlie under on 10:39 PM
Yellowcard has broken up and broken my heart.

From MySpace message to fans:

Hey buddies. Its Ryan Key. I'm writing to let everyone know that I have started a new band. I have spent the last few months writing and recording with my friend Sean O'Donnell, who was the singer of the band Reeve Oliver. Our band is called, BIG IF. I am super excited to finally have something to share with all of you. We have posted new songs and video on our myspace page. Please stop by and check it out at www. myspace. com/bigifmusic. With regards to Yellowcard, we are not working together for now. We don't feel like it is necessary to announce a "break up". As of now we don't have any plans for the future but if there was ever a desire to work together again we want to keep the door open. For now I am going to focus all my effort and energy on BIG IF. Thanks to all of you for your continued support. We'll talk soon...-Ryan

I know this is NOT spam. Yellowcard has often used their MySpace to announce important information to guests. Yellowcard has always been my favorite band.

With Ryan Key having the perfect combinations of sweet and rocker vocals, Peter Mosely killing the bass, Sean Mackin bringing a little bit of heaven with his violin, the greatest rockin' guitar from Ryan Mendez, and the perfect beat to rock out comming from drummer Longineu Parsons III, Yellowcard had one of the most perfect combinations of band members.

I am currently checking out Big If's music on MySpace. I really do love the sound of Ryan Key's voice. It's not...bad. Sounds a bit like Yellowcard, which makes me happy. At least I'll have new music to listen to. I don't know, I tend to be resistant to change...we'll see.

Yellowcard, you are my only, my only one...


PS - I couldn't find any official articles on my unofficial story from yesterday. If any of you can, let me know!


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