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Twitter me this...

Published by Ashlie under on 8:08 PM
Hello blog readers!

I hope there are some of you out there...

Anyways, my JO540 package is on Twitter, the latest trend/social networking tool online. This is the introductory video to a series of mini-features of Twitter which will include: how to sign up/how to use it/outrageous Twitter stories/Twitter lingo. Each short piece will be 30secs-45secs. I am not doing those extra pieces for any other reason other than that I want to.

Annoyingly, our audio cuts out at the end...two of them...the idea is that they both say they know Twitter exists but they don't konw how to use it and would be interested in finding out.

Without further ado, please enjoy (the rough cut) of the intro to our series: "Into the Twittersphere!" Interviews and narration by Ashlie Anctil - Camera Work and Brilliance by Angela Stefano - Editing and General Cohesiveness by Both of Us


PS - Please tell me what you think!

Broken this tragic thing now...and I can't, I can't pick up the pieces...

Published by Ashlie under on 10:39 PM
Yellowcard has broken up and broken my heart.

From MySpace message to fans:

Hey buddies. Its Ryan Key. I'm writing to let everyone know that I have started a new band. I have spent the last few months writing and recording with my friend Sean O'Donnell, who was the singer of the band Reeve Oliver. Our band is called, BIG IF. I am super excited to finally have something to share with all of you. We have posted new songs and video on our myspace page. Please stop by and check it out at www. myspace. com/bigifmusic. With regards to Yellowcard, we are not working together for now. We don't feel like it is necessary to announce a "break up". As of now we don't have any plans for the future but if there was ever a desire to work together again we want to keep the door open. For now I am going to focus all my effort and energy on BIG IF. Thanks to all of you for your continued support. We'll talk soon...-Ryan

I know this is NOT spam. Yellowcard has often used their MySpace to announce important information to guests. Yellowcard has always been my favorite band.

With Ryan Key having the perfect combinations of sweet and rocker vocals, Peter Mosely killing the bass, Sean Mackin bringing a little bit of heaven with his violin, the greatest rockin' guitar from Ryan Mendez, and the perfect beat to rock out comming from drummer Longineu Parsons III, Yellowcard had one of the most perfect combinations of band members.

I am currently checking out Big If's music on MySpace. I really do love the sound of Ryan Key's voice. It's not...bad. Sounds a bit like Yellowcard, which makes me happy. At least I'll have new music to listen to. I don't know, I tend to be resistant to change...we'll see.

Yellowcard, you are my only, my only one...


PS - I couldn't find any official articles on my unofficial story from yesterday. If any of you can, let me know!

Car Crash on Comm Ave - Breaking News

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BOSTON - Shattered glass reflects a bright white headlight, now laying on the ground. A bumper the size of a wounded large animal sits behind a silver compact car. It is the classic scene of a devastating accident. The cool amber lights on Commonwealth Avenue reveal one car with a damaged back and another with a destroyed front.

Tonight around 8:50 - maybe a bit before or after - a small car hit the back of a City Cab taxi in front of Blandford Street T station on Comm. Ave.

The results are devastating for the little silver vehicle. The front metal is so mangled it is impossible to decipher the maker, but it appears to be an Audi or Hyundai. The City Cab is approximately six to eight feet in front of the car and pointed at a slight angle - nose toward the street. The silver car sits straight ahead.

There do not seem to be any injuries. No ambulances nor police cars were at the scene.

Check out a map of the accident location.

Check back for more information tomorrow.


I love putting classroom-learned skills into real life situations.

So I was on my way home from COM tonight when I saw the aftermath of a serious car crash. I would normally walk by but I saw someone taking pictures. I'm thinking it was the car owner, but I'm not sure. So instead of ignoring it and continuing on to my dorm, I said "I'll call you back" to my friend on my Razr Motorola and whipped out the "Camera" option on it. I then took the following three pictures. I did not have any sort of sound equipment on me to get soundbites from the people involved (though later I realized I could have used the "record" option on my phone - no, I'm not signed up for that cellphone reporting website we saw in class, much to my regret). Anyways, since I didn't have any form of legitimate "journalist" ID I decided against trying to go get involved and interview the people involved. Maybe next time. But at least thinking this way and taking pictures is a start, right? I apologize for the terrible quality of my phone pictures.

Let me know what you think!


PS - Here is another pic that I couldn't physically fit into the story itself:

Little Known Harvard Square...

Published by Ashlie under on 11:02 PM
Harvard Square has always been a place that I like to visit. Unfortunately, my visits have been cut short by cold weather or school assignments. So I decided to take along my boyfriend and turn this assignment into a date.

What began as a generic profile of Harvard Square turned into an exploring adventure and a learning experience. I know I will return to these places myself!

Please enjoy!

Presentation of...An Evening at Teppan Edo

Published by Ashlie under on 3:28 AM
Please come along with me and enjoy the delicious Japanese food at Walt Disney World's Teppan Edo at Japan in Epcot's World Showcase.

Teppan Edo

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I am leaving tomorrow first thing to fly home from Walt Disney World. While I am slightly devastated, as always when leaving the most amazing place in my life, I am glad to bring home pictures and other multimedia to share. Here, please find an audio/picture report on my experience at Teppan Edo, the Japanese Restaurant in "Japan" in Epcot.

I used a Picasa slideshow to show the pictures I am going to use for soundslides. I put them in roughly the order I will use them when the project is complete.

I could not get my sound to transfer into an MP3, so I saved it as a WAV instead.

Hope this works!

So I cannot figure out for the life of me how to embed the audio...


PS = This is my first experience with Audacity. I think I like Sony Vegas Pro 8 or FinalCut Pro better, personally, but this was definitely a new experience. I am still having some trouble understanding what Amplifying levels mean what.


Published by Ashlie under on 1:20 PM
Hello UStream Watchers!

I tried to embed the video but unfortunately UStream would not let me. Sorry, guys.


I am making this blog post for you all to start discussions and topics regarding Walt Disney World/vacations and the economy. I would love to hear personal magical experiences you have had here at "The World" as well!

Please also let me know what you think/thought of my broadcast. Good, bad, indifferent. Criticisms, compliments, etc.

Thank you all for watching!!!


PS - A special thanks to Steve Garfield and Professor Chaddha-Mycynek at Boston University for promoting this show/encouraging me.

I Know, Right?

Published by Ashlie under on 2:29 PM
Isn't it interesting the way phrases come and go in our society? I found myself hearing "Right?" and "I know, right?" as an agreement from two different people today, while someone mentioned to me the other day "is that your new phrase?"

Here are some memorable phrases from pop culture/every day life that I can think of off the very top of my head.
Feel free to add more in comments!

1. I know, right?
2. Ballin'
3. Mad ___ (cool/tired/adj.)
4. Intense
5. Hardcore
6. Like
7. Wicked ___ (=adv. do NOT say wicked as an adjective, it's awful!)
8. Totally
9. Sweet
10. What's good?

I could go on and on.




Updated Slideshow

Published by Ashlie under on 1:12 AM
I updated my Myles slideshow below. I added some pics of the dining hall, and...well, the bathroom, because Professor Mycynek was curious. :) Enjoy!

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