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Oscar Thoughts Hour 3

Published by Ashlie under on 11:35 PM
Losing interest because Slumdog Millionaire is winning everything anyways.

Queen Latifa looks fabulous. She is one of the few larger women who knows how to pull it off with class and style. Props to her and her talent.
Now she’s singing Billie Holiday, which was also featured in one of my favorite movies, the Notebook. PROPS! Very nice tribute, too.

“The difference between people is those who have had pleasure and love, and those who haven’t.”
Now that’s a fantastic quote. Can someone please find me this clip?

Reese Witherspoon was made for presentations like this. Classy, articulate. She looks beautiful.

This Disney freak approves of Slumdog Millionaire’s Tigger references J.
My mom says he seems very sincere, which she likes. Me too. I agree.

PS – Slumdog Millionaire is obviously going to win for movie of the year. I kind of wish I went to the pre-screening they had in Boston way back when I had the opportunity to. Interesting.

I’ll never get tired of seeing Julia Roberts get excited on stage at the Oscars.

I approve of the Gone with the Wind music as well as these legendary actresses up on stage.

I was hoping Kate Winslet would win. She looked the most touched by her speech for her and I am very proud of the work she has done over the years.

“Well it’s not a shampoo bottle now.”
~Kate Winslet. Excellent. Shows just how down to earth she is. And gracious.
And she just squeaked. That’s adorable.

My mom: She told meryl streep to "suck it up." What the heck?
Me: haha, she meant it as a compliment
Mom: I know, but it didnt sound good.
Me: Idk what would come out of my mouth if i were up on that stage.

I've probably made my own version of an Oscar speech before too. *Sigh* Probably never going to happen. Oh well.

Yeah, we didn't see Sean Penn's win coming at ALL. Note sarcasm.
"You commie homo loving sons of a gun."
~Sean Penn.
Um...comedy mixed with graciousness kinda falls flat and classless in my personal opinion.

Excellent Best Motion Picture montage. Excellent.


Hahaha, of course. The kid who acted in it looks so young.

Congratulations, and goodnight.


PS - I will try to remember to put up many more links sometime in the near future when they get illegally put up on Youtube.


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