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Oscar Thoughts Hour 2

Published by Ashlie under on 10:45 PM
Songs: Hugh Jackman can’t really sing. Combinations of songs were weird, despite being done by the famous Baz Luhrmann who did many amazing movies, including one of my favorites, Moulin Rouge. Justin Timberlake’s “I Love Sports” at the ESPYs this summer was MUCH better.

Male tributes = unemotional and too recited.

Ugh, break my heart by showing Heath Ledger’s family, why don’t you? Then let’s make him win, of course. Oh goodness gracious. I’m getting my tissues ready.
Post speech: They held it together surprisingly well. In fact, why aren’t they more upset? Their son/her brother is dead and they are accepting an award for his work that he should have been able to be around for. That’s kinda messed up, in my opinion. Ok, cept his dad. I give his dad credit for his moving speech.

Balancing an Oscar on his chin? Seriously?

“I was obsessed BY movies.”
~Guy for Dark Knight. What? Guess you don’t have to be educated to be in Hollywood.

I’d like to watch some of Jerry Lewis’s work.


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