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This Spring Break I am going to Walt Disney World Resort with my aunt (Auntie Jackie), uncle (Uncle Rob - or "Furry/Furry" as we affectionately refer to him), and their daughter, my baby couin, Sydney. She is one year, five and a half months old. I am going as the au pair, that is, designated babysitter. But as a Disney fanatic, I will take any excuse to take a trip down to sunny Orlando.

This will be trip number fifteen for me. That's right folks, that's not a typo - that's trip number one-five. This will be the first time without my brother, mother, and father though, so it will definitely be a different experience. We are set to go March 9-16. Without further ado - here are my travel plans, at a glance. Please note that it does not include the plan for every day, as they will be jumbled up and repeats. Also, please enjoy my personal pictures. They are all mine except for the icon for Disney's Hollywood Studios. (I don't have one of those one my computer).

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