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Back Bay Ball 2009 - Getting Ready Girly Style

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Why Go to a Semi-Formal?

I am the definition of a girly girl. Dresses, makeup, jewelry? Sign me up!

So that is one of the many reasons I take advantage of every formal dance that comes my way at Boston University. Perhaps some of the other reasons are because I can't think of too many things I love more than dancing and I have an amazing boyfriend willing to take me to these events.


Sephore Best Seller

I have to admit that getting ready is almost as fun as the actual event. May I suggest making a free make-up consultation at your local Sephora before going to a semi? You can't say that you have an event. Just make an appointment and when they say "What would you like your focus to be?" reply with an "evening look." When you get there, make sure you have a specific look in mind. If you feel out your make-up artist correctly, you may find yourself confessing about the dance and how you can't make a smokey eye look good to save your life.

Point's free. But buy just one of the products they used. It's only polite.

Quick Tips for Makeup:

1. Make the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
2. Make sure you know what you are looking for.
3. Without as many details until you feel out your makeup artist.
4. Be polite, cooperative, and really listen. You may learn something.
5. Make sure you buy at least one product. If you don't have a lot of money, ask the makeup artist what she would pick as the most "essential" product because quite truly you don't have a lot of money but you definitely want to save some up and come back to buy more. You'll probably find this to be true.
6. Trust the makeup artist. 9/10 times (or more) I'll bet she (or he) knows what she is doing.
7. You do not need to tip. I asked.


The hair style I TRIED to copy

Take a look from online. It's best if you have something to copy. Above is what I originally intended on copying. Course, mine didn't come out that nice, but I did it myself, so it couldn't be helped.
When curling, separate the hair you are going to do, section by section. Nape of the neck to the top. Spray a lot of hairspray and style later. Want to straighten it? Take your straightener at the roots and slowly move toward the end. SLOWLY. Have patience, young grasshoppah'.

Quick Tips for Hair:

1. Pick a realistic look from online. You hair is not going to look like Kiera Knightly or Nicole Kidman no matter how hard you try. Try looks from "real" people.
2. Try to do something different. If you are naturally curly, straighten, and vice-versa.
3. Pick a look that goes with your dress. If you have a prom dress, don't go all punk-boy. If you have a short vixen dress, go for sexy locks.
4. Set aside an hour. If you mess it up, you will have time to try again instead of freaking out and ending up like bridezilla, or worse, Amy Winehouse.
5. Do what works. Think your last prom. Did you like it? If so, try that again. Sometimes classic works.
6. Ask a friend to help. Preferably a friend who you can help back or who is interested in being girly too. There's no shame in shared hair care.


Pretty Collection

I could wear a dress every day of my life. The way they flow femininely and feel comfortable at the same time makes me envious of Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie or Samantha from the American Girl Series. Therefore, dress shopping and wearing are favorite things of mine.
For Back Bay Ball I happened upon a LBD (that's Little Black Dress) from Express. I saw it on a mannequin at the mall, thought it would never fit on my short little body (I'm 5'3") and was just about one of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a long time. I mentioned it briefly to my mom (without even showing her) and it ended up in my pile of Christmas presents. Somehow it fit like a glove. (Note to you girls: find a store that works for you. I fit into almost everything in Express in one size or another like a glove. When I go to other stores I cannot find stuff that doesn't bag or pull in the wrong places.)

Quick Tips for Dresses:

1. There's no shame in reading Cosmo and other magazines that give directions on the correct dress shape for your body. They are usually right.
2. Don't spend heaps of money on a dress. You don't need the latest fashion from Newbury. You can probably find the same brand marked down 200% because one thread is missing at Marshall's, Macy's, or TJ Maxx. You want to save money for your other endeavors.
3. Pick a dress that will be comfortable for you to dance in. If you are going to be pulling at a strapless all night, then don't buy one. If you are going to be tripping on a long dress, then buy a shorter one. Don't be over-expectant.
4. Don't be afraid to dedicate a day to it. These things take time and patience and a lot of quality time with the three-way mirror in the dressing room. I happened to luck out this time, but I have spent many hours trying to decide on dresses. The right one is out there waiting for you, so don't settle. You deserve to feel good about yourself.
5. Pick a dress that is complimentary to your skin color. I am super pale and I cannot wear red, yellow, or lime green. They just look awful on me. I stick with black, light pink, brown, olive green, and white. It's ok, I've accepted that I'm never going to be a Lady in Red.
6. Pick a dress that fits. For goodness sakes there is nothing worse than trying to put a million pins in a dress or anything more embarrassing than ripping some fabric somewhere when you bend over.
7. Look for a shawl or nice jacket to go with it. I always make this mistake and end up either freezing or with an ugly, puffy winter jacket.


This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Girls taking their shoes off at prom. I know everyone does it but I just think it's stupid. This is a blog, I'm allowed to say that, right? Why did you spend the money on the shoes, dedicate all that time to shoe shopping, take more money to dye them to match your dress, and end up with them off 10 minutes in???? GAAAHHH! End rant.
Onto tips before I go over the top.

Quick Tips for Shoes:

1. If you can't handle heels or rarely wear them...DO NOT BUY THEM. You will thank me later when you are wearing pretty little flats that sparkle with your dress.
2. Wear your shoes around the house/apt/dorm with heavy sock for a few days to break them in. Blisters are not fun.
3. Speaking of blisters...bring bandaids. Lots of them. You're going to thank me.
4. If you can wear heels, more power to you! Make sure you can move and dance in them. I'd suggest ones that strap around the ankle unless you are a pro in heels (like me, haha!). Wrap around the ankles are sexy and make any legs look thinner.
5. Don't get outrageous colored shoes. This is not Paris runway couture. This is a school dance. Nothing looks more clownish than purple heels and a turquoise dress.


Cute Clutch
I've never been much of a handbag girl myself. I understand how people love them but for me, just find something small enough that it is cute and big enough to actually hold stuff in. Last night I had to go clunky, unfortunately, because I am quite sick (cough...flu?) and had to carry all my meds in them.

Quick Tips for Handbags:

1. Wristlets are great. Bracelet, meet purse. Ingenious.
2. I saw little makeup bags that would be great dance purses at Sephora for $12! What a steal! Thought you should know.
3. Essentials you need to put IN your handbag: lipgloss, powder to touch up your makeup, bobby pins, cell phone, keys, license, college ID, credit card, cash.
4. Your shoes don't have to match your handbag. That's old news. Just make sure it coordinates with your outfit.
5. Remember, once again, less is more, but functional is best.


Opi - A popular nail polish brand
I am proud to say I have gotten pretty good over the years at doing my own nails in a French Manicure. I am not proud to say that I am lazy as all get out and never leave enough time to do my nails before a dance. So I went au natural last night. But you know what, in the end, didn't really matter.

Quick Tips for Nails:

1. Pick a neutral color. Red dress, red shoes, red bag, red nails, red lipstick = fire truck.
2. Leave time, leave time, leave time. Do them the night before, if possible.
3. Don't spend money on a manicure. What a waste of $30. It's called practice or have a friend do them. Maybe the same friend who will help you with your hair.
4. Don't get fake nails if you don't know how to use them. They are bulky, heavy, and awkward if you've never had them. They hurt a lot when they break (or so I've heard) and your nails take a really long time to recover from all that glue.
5. Again, stick with comfort and elegance.


If you have followed each of these steps, you look absolutely stunning or probably hate my guts for all the work or both.

I'm not the perfect expert. Only you know what looks best and what you are most comfortable in. Most of all...yes...this is corney...but yes...this is yourself. You are going to the formal to have a great time, socialize with friends, and dance your LBD off. These are just some tips to make you feel confident.

Au revior,


PS - This is what (my boyfriend and) I looked like last night, in case you were wondering:


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