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Academy Awards...My Thoughts an Hour In...

Published by Ashlie under on 9:35 PM
“Once a year I do a Dreamworks movie. Then I take all my money to the Oscars and bet on PIXAR!”
~Jack Black

“I had to become a vampire to find the right girl.”
“And I had three fathers.”
~Rob Pattinson
~Ananda Seyfried
~Note: Romance flicks montage = well…love.

“You look like you work in a meth lab.”
~Natalie Portman to Ben Stiller

Thing that really bothered me: None of the music seemed to match the themes or titles. Not a whole lot of classy music. What is going on???

Paired weird presenters: Tina Fey and Steve Martin? Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman? Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker?

They had too many weird way to present things instead of letting the audience just see things. Too many introductions.

List of movies I want to see:
  1. Australia
  2. Revolutionary Road
  3. Basically every romance movie of 2008

Trailers, for your viewing pleasure.


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