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Pa's Eulogy

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I gave this eulogy at my grandfather's funeral today. He passed away on July 15, 2009. We were very close. It was the first close family death and it was without a doubt the hardest few hours of my life. I hope I honored him well. I miss him very much. I am lucky that people who attended said that they got to know Pa a little better today.

Please take the time to read it and pass it on. I know he was just my grandfather, but he was the model of everything someone should be. Thanks.



Well, the sky was crying all last night and some this morning. But it’s a beautiful day in heaven and it’s a beautiful day now here. And

it was a beautiful day when…the little bell on the door rang, telling the young marine that another customer had come into the store. Always the customer-pleaser, he looked up brightly to greet the pretty lady walking into his pizza shop.

“Whatcha makin’?” the seventeen year old girl asked innocently.

“Pizza,” he answered.

“What. Is. That?” the southern belle, Betty Jean, asked confused.

But Bob Carrelli probably didn’t really hear her question. All he could do was stare into the beautiful face of the rest of his life. From that moment on my grandfather, Pa, and his wife, my Grammy, were life partners, for better for worse, through sickness and health for over 55 years. The perfect example of what a marriage should be. Unrequited love, dedication, devotion, kindness, arguments coupled with compromise. He would take care of her, no matter what. Family was always first, now and forever.

The love of Pa knew no bounds, including his nieces Carolyn and Donna, living on the west coast, gathering with their families in thought and prayer to celebrate his life today and they wanted me to share these words: “Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet princes…and flights of angels, sing thee to thy rest.”

He loved his family unconditionally and though Betty, Jody, Rosalyn, and Jacqueline would follow years later, the first lady loves of his life were his mother, and his two sisters Lee and Terry. He was the best of brothers you could imagine – supportive, wise, and loving.

He was the patriarch of all our family, and although he thought he ran the house, if you asked Grammy, that was the illusion – she was really in charge….sorry to tell you that now, Pa. J… But of course he knew that. If you wanted a decision made for the two of them “Ask the boss,” he said. And when he was getting into his older age, he always told his daughters: “if anything ever happens to me, take care of your mother.” Of course, we can’t forget the greatest love of his life, poor Grammy always had to compete with this baby – his green, perfectly manicured lawn.

Maybe in the forerunner for a tie with importance of family was the importance of God in his life. When I was a little girl, I was indignant that it was Jesus’ birthday at Christmas, but he never got a birthday cake. I guess you could say I’m spoiled too, because one Christmas Eve, a shared favorite holiday of ours, Pa showed up at our house with a perfect signature chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and the words “Happy Birthday Jesus” and a cross on it. That is easily one of my most favorite memories of Pa. When I say that Pa would do anything for his family, it is an understatement. His wife, daughters, grandchildren, and pretty much the rest of his family would simply have to ask, and we would receive. He was the most generous soul in the entire world. Every year at Thanksgiving he brought a dozen turkeys to the Veteran’s shelter in Worcester. I always thought that it was a gesture like that, and many others, that would earn Pa a spot in Heaven. Pa took his family to church every Sunday, and back then his three daughters had the privilege of fighting with each other in the backseat as he took them for a Sunday drive. I remember years later as I sat in church, Pa wouldn’t tolerate any nonsense. One stern look from him would quiet the mid-sermon giggles. And that’s what his girls said too – “Daddy never yelled at us or punished us. All he had to do was raise his voice and we’d be crying ‘we’re sorry, Daddy, we’re sorry!” Or maybe threaten a “dobotokeel.”

Pa was a stern man, no question about it, strict to the hilt. But he would always do what he thought was right for his family. And sure enough, he was usually correct. There was a sign at his liquor store that I distinctly remember saying “Rules of Customer Service. Rule number one: The customer is always right. Rule Number Two: If the customer wrong, refer to rule number one.” Guess what? Pa was that customer. He would always get his way. He wanted to go to Heaven on a beautiful day – guess what? Best day of the summer was last Wednesday. He was always right, sometimes to our dismay. I promise you that trait has been passed along to his three daughters, much to the dismay of their husbands. There is no doubt in my mind that Pa was one of the most, if not the most, intelligent non-formally-educated man to ever live. He loved his morning newspaper with a glass of OJ, the afternoon stock market, and the nightly broadcast. Oh, and of course, the evening weather as he sat and asked Dick Albert on television “What’s the weather like today, Dickie?”

But he only had times for those indulgences like TV news in his quote unquote retirement. Because we all know asking Pa not to work would be like telling Grammy “no, thank you, we really don’t want another heaping helping of mashed potatoes” – impossible. He went to work when he was fourteen years old in a factory, went on to own Carrelli Bakery in Tatnuck Square for over 25 years, and his dream, the Oxford Package store for another 27. “Hooolllyy Mackerel!” as he would say. He quit working for all of a few months before he started working for funeral homes, including Mercadante where many of you were last night. Hard work, dedication, responsibility – three of the many values Pa instilled in his family. “Nothing good in life is easy” he said. “Anything good is worth fighting for.” And he would fight for us, just as he fought for his life these past few months. When we told him it was ok to go, he pushed us off, almost literally, telling us he was gonna go when he was ready. He fought until the very end because he knew that it was going to be hard for us when he was gone.

And that’s the way it always was, Pa’s way or the highway. That included as a drill sergeant in the Marines during the Korean War. “The forgotten war” he would always lament, and warn us that “War is Hell.” But he managed to find a way to be compassionate and loving even in this hell. He was the odd, fantastic combination of chef, officer, and friend. He stayed behind instead of going on a mission one day to make a wedding cake for a fellow comrade.

Pa would have gone out of his way for even complete strangers – not only would he give you the shirt off his back in an instant, he wouldn’t even ask you why. Tragically, the ship his fellow soldiers and friends all went out on was ambushed and everyone was lost, including the groom-to-be. It was a horrible loss, but he continued to strive for excellence. He was proud of his time in the service and it taught him to value dignity, pride, and bravery. I wonder if being a drill sergeant is what made him love making noise – or maybe it was just being Italian. That man could clap louder, tap harder, and clank his glass more than anyone I ever knew.

He used to go around loudly singing “Ooooh SOOOLLLE MIO!” and he used to sing to me “Do you love me?” to which I had to respond in song “Yes, I love you.” That incident in the marines was the first of Pa’s nine, or more, lives. Later came his heart attack in the mid-nineties, the bypass surgery, dozens of hospital visits, and the many defibrillator attacks. Through it all he came out strong and more determined than ever to experience life to the fullest. Italy and a cruise with Betty that included parasailing may have topped off some of the best moments of his life.

Betty was always his partner in life, whether on vacation or at work. He was a good business partner and a great boss too. Those are the roles he played to Grammy and my mom, Rosalyn, respectively, for many years. He and Grammy made a fantastic team. She said he would get up every morning at 4am and declare “Time to make the donuts!” Why 4am? Because he was dedicated to his business and his customers. If he said he was going to do something, you could be certain that he was going to do it. Just another trait he taught his family. And if 4am wasn’t early enough, on days it snowed he would get up early to plow. And little Razalee would go with him. She would ask the night before if she could go in with him and he would answer simply, if not a little skeptically, “if you get up.” But of course she would get up. She loved her Daddy more than anything in the world. “I loved going out with him during those times because it was just him and I. We just talked and I got him to myself. I was the son he never had,” she says.

Pa always had individual time to spend with his girls. Whenever Jackie did a great job on her report card, she would be promised a bowling event out with her Daddy. Just the two of them and a lane full of pins. Ironically it was that image that he painted for her as lightening struck late at night as she crawled up in bed with him, scared. The lightening was God rolling the ball and the crack of thunder was a huge strike. Compassionate, loving, comforting and strong are words that don’t even do him justice.

You could say that Jody was the luckiest of all because she got him all to herself not only during times in her childhood, but when she grew up and lived with them for many years. She was his first born and his little princess. When she and he turned around and around on the dancfloor at here wedding they could have been king and queen of the ball. “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero – you’re everything I wish I could be,” – truer words were never sung.

It’s funny – it’s kind of like Pa knew how to do everything. He was invincible to those of us who knew him. He was omniscient, knowing everything, failing never. Let me tell you, he must’ve been world champion at checkers because I could never win a game against him. And that’s the way he was, he didn’t let me win. He proved to us that we needed to keep pursuing what we wanted, even if we got caught up at road blocks. And that’s the most amazing story of how he quit smoking. He got up every morning, looked at himself in the mirror and said “Today, I’m not going to smoke. And if I give in and have a cigarette, I will get up tomorrow and try again.” And he did that, every day, until he never smoked again. No nicotine patches, no therapy, but sheer willpower and strength. That’s how Pa was. Keep pushing through, work hard, never give up. All these lessons he taught us now give us the strength to keep going.

Did I mention that tools he gave us included amazing food? He made the best breakfasts in the whole world. Chandler, my brother, says one of his favorite things was when we were living with Pa, he made us Sunday morning breakfast – eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes. You name it, he cooked it. He used to trim the girls’ hair when they wanted it to look pretty. He could repair the car better than any auto mechanic and could even tell someone how to fix a refrigerator over the telephone. He was fiscally responsible to the highest degree and advised everyone in that manner. He took pride in his personal and his family’s success, and you could be sure he was going to take credit for whatever he could. “Good genes” he said when mom, Jody, and Jackie had me, Chandler, Cole, and Sydney. Nope, his daughters couldn’t even have their own children without his having a hand in it, according to him. He loved Taylor and Michael like they were his own grandchildren and he took his daughters’ husbands in as his own sons.

And these grandchildren and son-in-laws did, and still do, love him to no end, myself included. Chandler said one of his most amazing memories that he will never forget the rest of his life was during our trip to Walt Disney World. We were such fanatics, how could we not share it with the people we loved most? And so we took Pa and Grammy on Soarin’, a ride that makes you literally feel like you are flying through the clouds, over the mountains, oceans, golf courses, and even an aircraft carrier. Chandler says he will never forget the look of pure wonderment on Pa’s face. I remember Pa calling out “Very Good!” He cheered and made happy exclamations the whole time. I can guess it is partially how he must have imagined Heaven. Well, now he gets to fly through the clouds and over the land and watch over us as much as he wants, every day, all day. Pure happiness.

I know he’s having a blast up there already. We usually say “May God have Mercy on your soul” but quite frankly I hope Pa has mercy on God’s soul when he gets up there. Everybody start praying now because Pa’s going to start changing a few rules up there for our family and telling God how things should be in this world. God had no idea what he was getting himself into when he invited strong-willed, wise, determined Bob Carrelli up to the stars.

Pa made a lasting impression on each and every one of us. His influence spanned time and space. Jody was on her honeymoon across the United States and someone recognized a shirt she had on that said “To Be Sure.” “Is that like Bob’s To Be Sure of Oxford Pacakage Store in Massachusetts?” he asked, amazed. “Yes, that’s my father,” Jody was proud to tell the customer from the past.

That’s why all of you are sitting here right now, aren’t you? Because he was one of the most amazing men to ever be given to us by God. You were proud to know him and call him: husband, father, Pa, uncle, cousin, godfather, friend, or even storeowner. He has left his legacy and passed it on through all of us. “Don’t mourn my death, celebrate my life” Pa told us. So we’re gonna have a big ‘ol party after this Pa, don’t you worry. But we love you forever Pa, we promise to take care of Grammy, and we’ll miss you every day. See you in a few years. To Be Sure.

FIre at Warren Towers: BU Today Update

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(Click Icon Above for Story)

Thanks BU Today for the information.

But...BU Today brought you this story about the elevator "trouble" two days after the incident...aeamultimedia brought it to you an hour later. Next time we'll work on getting the MOST accurate story ASAP (though nobody knew exactly at the time, in my defense). You live, you report, you learn.


Here's the full scoop on Boston University's Emergency

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Source: - Fox 25 News Online

20 rescued from BU Elevators

Last Edited: Saturday, 25 Apr 2009, 11:09 PM EDTCreated On: Saturday, 25 Apr 2009, 11:04 PM EDT

BOSTON (myfoxboston) - Twenty people had to be rescued from elevators on the Boston University campus after an elevator machine overheated and exploded on Saturday.

It happened at the Warren Towers on Commonwealth Avenue. '

The building houses 1,800 students. Everyone was evacuated.
Now you know. Who brings you the news first? That's right, aeamultimedia, that's who.



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BOSTON - This just in - fire at 700 Commonwealth Ave, called Warren Towers, a freshman dorm at Boston University. Police, fire, and ambulances have been surrounding the dorm since the fire alarm went off around 8:10PM.

There have been no reported injuries.

Fire officials say it is a small fire in the "elevator room," which he clarified as a "room next to the elevator." It is not a student's room.

Hundreds of evacuated students are currently sitting outside the College of Arts and Sciences and around the surrounding area.

Commonwealth Avenue, from Blandford Street to St. Mary's Street, is closed. Police are redirecting traffic.

More on this as it come in.


These are videos of me on the scene, taken less than twenty five minutes ago.
(One cuts out because my battery kept dying, sorry).

Slideshow of activity near/around 700 Commonwealth Avenue - CLICK TO ENLARGE AND READ DESCRIPTIONS!!!


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Yes, Yes, and RIGHT NOW.


My mom (BU Alum SED/CAS '81), my boyfriend (BU ENG '11), myself (BU COM/CAS '10), and my dad (Financer of BU) were ALL jumping for joy while my little brother watched on like we were crazy as we literally jumped up and down for goal number three. There were high fives, lots of screaming, and "I can't believe it! We did it!" (This was after I started singing "Whoaaah, we're halfway there, whoaaah, livin' on a prayer" really obnoxiously and off key.) Nevermind the win...we ALL marveled over it this morning and agreed it was one of the first things we thought about when we got up today.

BU Terrier Champions. Way to go guys, you deserve it. to get to the parade...hmmm...

Cat-an'-mouse? Nope, Top Dogs!!!

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Terrier Fans Jump to Feet - Team Embraces on Screen Boston - Terrier Nation is top dog pound once again. "Heeey baby, I wanna know right now, will you be my girl?" a chorus of red and white chant, sing, or scream on their way out of Agganis Arena at Boston University. But that excitement cannot compare to the Terrier fans' ecstacy in Washington, D.C.

Playing a see-saw game of Cat-an'-mouse with University of Vermont's Catamounts, the Boston University Terriers clinched a 5-4 victory over the University of Vermont.

The Terriers finished up the first period leading a decisive 2-0, but quickly began to fall behind in the second, first with a tie of 2-2 and then 3-2. But the Terriers stepped up to the challenge, letting the Catamounts they barked up the wrong tree. Soon the score was tied at 3-3 at the end of the second. The third period promised to be an intense one.

Some Terrier fans feared the game over when the Catamounts scored again, leaving BU trailing 4-3. But the Terriers came back to score two nearly consecutive goals, earning the win and the privilege to compete in the Frozen Four Finals.

For those more sports-oriented, get the play-by-plays here.

Fans gathered at Boston University's Agganis Arena for a viewing party, as Dean Elmore invited students in an exclusive video in in BU Today online, an electronic newspaper sent out to all students.

Below, students celebrate their win, and an angry BU Bus driver tells them to tone it down.


Just remember, who's bringing you news so new...even Google News doesn't have too much info about it? Aeamultimedia, that's who.

Let me know if you were there and what your thoughts were!

Until the Championship,


PS - Can I just say that I did a lot of this post with my own written HTML (alt text hint hint) and I am happy? Thanks.

Tweeting for the Twuture...(Future)...

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Before I forget, here is my report on Twitter and a short "How to Sign Up" segment.
Part I: Narration: Ashlie Anctil
Part II: Narration: Angela Stefano
Both written/filmed/edited by both.

A blog entry to bother CADIE

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I wonder if CADIE will "comment" on anyone on Google or Blogspot or any other Google service provider mentions "her" in their work with the same comment as I got in my previous post. I wonder how long this prank will go on. Depending on how serious they could definitely get creepy.

Actually, I'm a little creeped out by the last comment "she made," not gonna lie.

I found an article written on CADIE which "CADIE" later "commented" on with a similar comment to my last post, but not the same.



Google's Brilliant April Fool's Day Joke

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With one minute to spare, and a fear that all of this information that CADIE has to offer for April Fools Day from Google will's 12...

But CADIE is Google's new "AI" that is modeled after Stanley Kubrick's 2001 A Space Odessey's HAL.

Proof from 2 Clips:

Ok, it's late now...let's see what GOogle has to say for themselves...

Twitter me this...

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Hello blog readers!

I hope there are some of you out there...

Anyways, my JO540 package is on Twitter, the latest trend/social networking tool online. This is the introductory video to a series of mini-features of Twitter which will include: how to sign up/how to use it/outrageous Twitter stories/Twitter lingo. Each short piece will be 30secs-45secs. I am not doing those extra pieces for any other reason other than that I want to.

Annoyingly, our audio cuts out at the end...two of them...the idea is that they both say they know Twitter exists but they don't konw how to use it and would be interested in finding out.

Without further ado, please enjoy (the rough cut) of the intro to our series: "Into the Twittersphere!" Interviews and narration by Ashlie Anctil - Camera Work and Brilliance by Angela Stefano - Editing and General Cohesiveness by Both of Us


PS - Please tell me what you think!

Broken this tragic thing now...and I can't, I can't pick up the pieces...

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Yellowcard has broken up and broken my heart.

From MySpace message to fans:

Hey buddies. Its Ryan Key. I'm writing to let everyone know that I have started a new band. I have spent the last few months writing and recording with my friend Sean O'Donnell, who was the singer of the band Reeve Oliver. Our band is called, BIG IF. I am super excited to finally have something to share with all of you. We have posted new songs and video on our myspace page. Please stop by and check it out at www. myspace. com/bigifmusic. With regards to Yellowcard, we are not working together for now. We don't feel like it is necessary to announce a "break up". As of now we don't have any plans for the future but if there was ever a desire to work together again we want to keep the door open. For now I am going to focus all my effort and energy on BIG IF. Thanks to all of you for your continued support. We'll talk soon...-Ryan

I know this is NOT spam. Yellowcard has often used their MySpace to announce important information to guests. Yellowcard has always been my favorite band.

With Ryan Key having the perfect combinations of sweet and rocker vocals, Peter Mosely killing the bass, Sean Mackin bringing a little bit of heaven with his violin, the greatest rockin' guitar from Ryan Mendez, and the perfect beat to rock out comming from drummer Longineu Parsons III, Yellowcard had one of the most perfect combinations of band members.

I am currently checking out Big If's music on MySpace. I really do love the sound of Ryan Key's voice. It's not...bad. Sounds a bit like Yellowcard, which makes me happy. At least I'll have new music to listen to. I don't know, I tend to be resistant to change...we'll see.

Yellowcard, you are my only, my only one...


PS - I couldn't find any official articles on my unofficial story from yesterday. If any of you can, let me know!

Car Crash on Comm Ave - Breaking News

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BOSTON - Shattered glass reflects a bright white headlight, now laying on the ground. A bumper the size of a wounded large animal sits behind a silver compact car. It is the classic scene of a devastating accident. The cool amber lights on Commonwealth Avenue reveal one car with a damaged back and another with a destroyed front.

Tonight around 8:50 - maybe a bit before or after - a small car hit the back of a City Cab taxi in front of Blandford Street T station on Comm. Ave.

The results are devastating for the little silver vehicle. The front metal is so mangled it is impossible to decipher the maker, but it appears to be an Audi or Hyundai. The City Cab is approximately six to eight feet in front of the car and pointed at a slight angle - nose toward the street. The silver car sits straight ahead.

There do not seem to be any injuries. No ambulances nor police cars were at the scene.

Check out a map of the accident location.

Check back for more information tomorrow.


I love putting classroom-learned skills into real life situations.

So I was on my way home from COM tonight when I saw the aftermath of a serious car crash. I would normally walk by but I saw someone taking pictures. I'm thinking it was the car owner, but I'm not sure. So instead of ignoring it and continuing on to my dorm, I said "I'll call you back" to my friend on my Razr Motorola and whipped out the "Camera" option on it. I then took the following three pictures. I did not have any sort of sound equipment on me to get soundbites from the people involved (though later I realized I could have used the "record" option on my phone - no, I'm not signed up for that cellphone reporting website we saw in class, much to my regret). Anyways, since I didn't have any form of legitimate "journalist" ID I decided against trying to go get involved and interview the people involved. Maybe next time. But at least thinking this way and taking pictures is a start, right? I apologize for the terrible quality of my phone pictures.

Let me know what you think!


PS - Here is another pic that I couldn't physically fit into the story itself:

Little Known Harvard Square...

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Harvard Square has always been a place that I like to visit. Unfortunately, my visits have been cut short by cold weather or school assignments. So I decided to take along my boyfriend and turn this assignment into a date.

What began as a generic profile of Harvard Square turned into an exploring adventure and a learning experience. I know I will return to these places myself!

Please enjoy!

Presentation of...An Evening at Teppan Edo

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Please come along with me and enjoy the delicious Japanese food at Walt Disney World's Teppan Edo at Japan in Epcot's World Showcase.

Teppan Edo

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I am leaving tomorrow first thing to fly home from Walt Disney World. While I am slightly devastated, as always when leaving the most amazing place in my life, I am glad to bring home pictures and other multimedia to share. Here, please find an audio/picture report on my experience at Teppan Edo, the Japanese Restaurant in "Japan" in Epcot.

I used a Picasa slideshow to show the pictures I am going to use for soundslides. I put them in roughly the order I will use them when the project is complete.

I could not get my sound to transfer into an MP3, so I saved it as a WAV instead.

Hope this works!

So I cannot figure out for the life of me how to embed the audio...


PS = This is my first experience with Audacity. I think I like Sony Vegas Pro 8 or FinalCut Pro better, personally, but this was definitely a new experience. I am still having some trouble understanding what Amplifying levels mean what.


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Hello UStream Watchers!

I tried to embed the video but unfortunately UStream would not let me. Sorry, guys.


I am making this blog post for you all to start discussions and topics regarding Walt Disney World/vacations and the economy. I would love to hear personal magical experiences you have had here at "The World" as well!

Please also let me know what you think/thought of my broadcast. Good, bad, indifferent. Criticisms, compliments, etc.

Thank you all for watching!!!


PS - A special thanks to Steve Garfield and Professor Chaddha-Mycynek at Boston University for promoting this show/encouraging me.

I Know, Right?

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Isn't it interesting the way phrases come and go in our society? I found myself hearing "Right?" and "I know, right?" as an agreement from two different people today, while someone mentioned to me the other day "is that your new phrase?"

Here are some memorable phrases from pop culture/every day life that I can think of off the very top of my head.
Feel free to add more in comments!

1. I know, right?
2. Ballin'
3. Mad ___ (cool/tired/adj.)
4. Intense
5. Hardcore
6. Like
7. Wicked ___ (=adv. do NOT say wicked as an adjective, it's awful!)
8. Totally
9. Sweet
10. What's good?

I could go on and on.




Updated Slideshow

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I updated my Myles slideshow below. I added some pics of the dining hall, and...well, the bathroom, because Professor Mycynek was curious. :) Enjoy!

Myles Standish Hall

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Myles Standish Hall is a nostalgic dormitory that brings its residents back to the early 20th century. 1925, to be exact. It was originally Myles Standish Hotel until Boston University bought it in 1949 and converted it into a dormitory on East Campus. It is located in Kenmore Square, just minutes from Boston University's main campus on one side and Boston's hustle and bustle on the other side.

Note: I could not use Flickr because I had exceeded my limit on the amount of pictures I could download for the month. That is why I had to use Picasa.


Oscar Thoughts Hour 3

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Losing interest because Slumdog Millionaire is winning everything anyways.

Queen Latifa looks fabulous. She is one of the few larger women who knows how to pull it off with class and style. Props to her and her talent.
Now she’s singing Billie Holiday, which was also featured in one of my favorite movies, the Notebook. PROPS! Very nice tribute, too.

“The difference between people is those who have had pleasure and love, and those who haven’t.”
Now that’s a fantastic quote. Can someone please find me this clip?

Reese Witherspoon was made for presentations like this. Classy, articulate. She looks beautiful.

This Disney freak approves of Slumdog Millionaire’s Tigger references J.
My mom says he seems very sincere, which she likes. Me too. I agree.

PS – Slumdog Millionaire is obviously going to win for movie of the year. I kind of wish I went to the pre-screening they had in Boston way back when I had the opportunity to. Interesting.

I’ll never get tired of seeing Julia Roberts get excited on stage at the Oscars.

I approve of the Gone with the Wind music as well as these legendary actresses up on stage.

I was hoping Kate Winslet would win. She looked the most touched by her speech for her and I am very proud of the work she has done over the years.

“Well it’s not a shampoo bottle now.”
~Kate Winslet. Excellent. Shows just how down to earth she is. And gracious.
And she just squeaked. That’s adorable.

My mom: She told meryl streep to "suck it up." What the heck?
Me: haha, she meant it as a compliment
Mom: I know, but it didnt sound good.
Me: Idk what would come out of my mouth if i were up on that stage.

I've probably made my own version of an Oscar speech before too. *Sigh* Probably never going to happen. Oh well.

Yeah, we didn't see Sean Penn's win coming at ALL. Note sarcasm.
"You commie homo loving sons of a gun."
~Sean Penn.
Um...comedy mixed with graciousness kinda falls flat and classless in my personal opinion.

Excellent Best Motion Picture montage. Excellent.


Hahaha, of course. The kid who acted in it looks so young.

Congratulations, and goodnight.


PS - I will try to remember to put up many more links sometime in the near future when they get illegally put up on Youtube.

Oscar Thoughts Hour 2

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Songs: Hugh Jackman can’t really sing. Combinations of songs were weird, despite being done by the famous Baz Luhrmann who did many amazing movies, including one of my favorites, Moulin Rouge. Justin Timberlake’s “I Love Sports” at the ESPYs this summer was MUCH better.

Male tributes = unemotional and too recited.

Ugh, break my heart by showing Heath Ledger’s family, why don’t you? Then let’s make him win, of course. Oh goodness gracious. I’m getting my tissues ready.
Post speech: They held it together surprisingly well. In fact, why aren’t they more upset? Their son/her brother is dead and they are accepting an award for his work that he should have been able to be around for. That’s kinda messed up, in my opinion. Ok, cept his dad. I give his dad credit for his moving speech.

Balancing an Oscar on his chin? Seriously?

“I was obsessed BY movies.”
~Guy for Dark Knight. What? Guess you don’t have to be educated to be in Hollywood.

I’d like to watch some of Jerry Lewis’s work.

Academy Awards...My Thoughts an Hour In...

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“Once a year I do a Dreamworks movie. Then I take all my money to the Oscars and bet on PIXAR!”
~Jack Black

“I had to become a vampire to find the right girl.”
“And I had three fathers.”
~Rob Pattinson
~Ananda Seyfried
~Note: Romance flicks montage = well…love.

“You look like you work in a meth lab.”
~Natalie Portman to Ben Stiller

Thing that really bothered me: None of the music seemed to match the themes or titles. Not a whole lot of classy music. What is going on???

Paired weird presenters: Tina Fey and Steve Martin? Ben Stiller and Natalie Portman? Daniel Craig and Sarah Jessica Parker?

They had too many weird way to present things instead of letting the audience just see things. Too many introductions.

List of movies I want to see:
  1. Australia
  2. Revolutionary Road
  3. Basically every romance movie of 2008

Trailers, for your viewing pleasure.

Dirty T

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Today in Multimedia Journalism we had to take photo pictures that told a story. I think this tells a story...what do you think? Can you tell me what I am trying to say? If not, check out the actual link to Flickr. I explain everything there.

Back Bay Ball 2009 - Getting Ready Girly Style

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Why Go to a Semi-Formal?

I am the definition of a girly girl. Dresses, makeup, jewelry? Sign me up!

So that is one of the many reasons I take advantage of every formal dance that comes my way at Boston University. Perhaps some of the other reasons are because I can't think of too many things I love more than dancing and I have an amazing boyfriend willing to take me to these events.


Sephore Best Seller

I have to admit that getting ready is almost as fun as the actual event. May I suggest making a free make-up consultation at your local Sephora before going to a semi? You can't say that you have an event. Just make an appointment and when they say "What would you like your focus to be?" reply with an "evening look." When you get there, make sure you have a specific look in mind. If you feel out your make-up artist correctly, you may find yourself confessing about the dance and how you can't make a smokey eye look good to save your life.

Point's free. But buy just one of the products they used. It's only polite.

Quick Tips for Makeup:

1. Make the appointment at least 24 hours in advance.
2. Make sure you know what you are looking for.
3. Without as many details until you feel out your makeup artist.
4. Be polite, cooperative, and really listen. You may learn something.
5. Make sure you buy at least one product. If you don't have a lot of money, ask the makeup artist what she would pick as the most "essential" product because quite truly you don't have a lot of money but you definitely want to save some up and come back to buy more. You'll probably find this to be true.
6. Trust the makeup artist. 9/10 times (or more) I'll bet she (or he) knows what she is doing.
7. You do not need to tip. I asked.


The hair style I TRIED to copy

Take a look from online. It's best if you have something to copy. Above is what I originally intended on copying. Course, mine didn't come out that nice, but I did it myself, so it couldn't be helped.
When curling, separate the hair you are going to do, section by section. Nape of the neck to the top. Spray a lot of hairspray and style later. Want to straighten it? Take your straightener at the roots and slowly move toward the end. SLOWLY. Have patience, young grasshoppah'.

Quick Tips for Hair:

1. Pick a realistic look from online. You hair is not going to look like Kiera Knightly or Nicole Kidman no matter how hard you try. Try looks from "real" people.
2. Try to do something different. If you are naturally curly, straighten, and vice-versa.
3. Pick a look that goes with your dress. If you have a prom dress, don't go all punk-boy. If you have a short vixen dress, go for sexy locks.
4. Set aside an hour. If you mess it up, you will have time to try again instead of freaking out and ending up like bridezilla, or worse, Amy Winehouse.
5. Do what works. Think your last prom. Did you like it? If so, try that again. Sometimes classic works.
6. Ask a friend to help. Preferably a friend who you can help back or who is interested in being girly too. There's no shame in shared hair care.


Pretty Collection

I could wear a dress every day of my life. The way they flow femininely and feel comfortable at the same time makes me envious of Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie or Samantha from the American Girl Series. Therefore, dress shopping and wearing are favorite things of mine.
For Back Bay Ball I happened upon a LBD (that's Little Black Dress) from Express. I saw it on a mannequin at the mall, thought it would never fit on my short little body (I'm 5'3") and was just about one of the prettiest dresses I've seen in a long time. I mentioned it briefly to my mom (without even showing her) and it ended up in my pile of Christmas presents. Somehow it fit like a glove. (Note to you girls: find a store that works for you. I fit into almost everything in Express in one size or another like a glove. When I go to other stores I cannot find stuff that doesn't bag or pull in the wrong places.)

Quick Tips for Dresses:

1. There's no shame in reading Cosmo and other magazines that give directions on the correct dress shape for your body. They are usually right.
2. Don't spend heaps of money on a dress. You don't need the latest fashion from Newbury. You can probably find the same brand marked down 200% because one thread is missing at Marshall's, Macy's, or TJ Maxx. You want to save money for your other endeavors.
3. Pick a dress that will be comfortable for you to dance in. If you are going to be pulling at a strapless all night, then don't buy one. If you are going to be tripping on a long dress, then buy a shorter one. Don't be over-expectant.
4. Don't be afraid to dedicate a day to it. These things take time and patience and a lot of quality time with the three-way mirror in the dressing room. I happened to luck out this time, but I have spent many hours trying to decide on dresses. The right one is out there waiting for you, so don't settle. You deserve to feel good about yourself.
5. Pick a dress that is complimentary to your skin color. I am super pale and I cannot wear red, yellow, or lime green. They just look awful on me. I stick with black, light pink, brown, olive green, and white. It's ok, I've accepted that I'm never going to be a Lady in Red.
6. Pick a dress that fits. For goodness sakes there is nothing worse than trying to put a million pins in a dress or anything more embarrassing than ripping some fabric somewhere when you bend over.
7. Look for a shawl or nice jacket to go with it. I always make this mistake and end up either freezing or with an ugly, puffy winter jacket.


This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Girls taking their shoes off at prom. I know everyone does it but I just think it's stupid. This is a blog, I'm allowed to say that, right? Why did you spend the money on the shoes, dedicate all that time to shoe shopping, take more money to dye them to match your dress, and end up with them off 10 minutes in???? GAAAHHH! End rant.
Onto tips before I go over the top.

Quick Tips for Shoes:

1. If you can't handle heels or rarely wear them...DO NOT BUY THEM. You will thank me later when you are wearing pretty little flats that sparkle with your dress.
2. Wear your shoes around the house/apt/dorm with heavy sock for a few days to break them in. Blisters are not fun.
3. Speaking of blisters...bring bandaids. Lots of them. You're going to thank me.
4. If you can wear heels, more power to you! Make sure you can move and dance in them. I'd suggest ones that strap around the ankle unless you are a pro in heels (like me, haha!). Wrap around the ankles are sexy and make any legs look thinner.
5. Don't get outrageous colored shoes. This is not Paris runway couture. This is a school dance. Nothing looks more clownish than purple heels and a turquoise dress.


Cute Clutch
I've never been much of a handbag girl myself. I understand how people love them but for me, just find something small enough that it is cute and big enough to actually hold stuff in. Last night I had to go clunky, unfortunately, because I am quite sick (cough...flu?) and had to carry all my meds in them.

Quick Tips for Handbags:

1. Wristlets are great. Bracelet, meet purse. Ingenious.
2. I saw little makeup bags that would be great dance purses at Sephora for $12! What a steal! Thought you should know.
3. Essentials you need to put IN your handbag: lipgloss, powder to touch up your makeup, bobby pins, cell phone, keys, license, college ID, credit card, cash.
4. Your shoes don't have to match your handbag. That's old news. Just make sure it coordinates with your outfit.
5. Remember, once again, less is more, but functional is best.


Opi - A popular nail polish brand
I am proud to say I have gotten pretty good over the years at doing my own nails in a French Manicure. I am not proud to say that I am lazy as all get out and never leave enough time to do my nails before a dance. So I went au natural last night. But you know what, in the end, didn't really matter.

Quick Tips for Nails:

1. Pick a neutral color. Red dress, red shoes, red bag, red nails, red lipstick = fire truck.
2. Leave time, leave time, leave time. Do them the night before, if possible.
3. Don't spend money on a manicure. What a waste of $30. It's called practice or have a friend do them. Maybe the same friend who will help you with your hair.
4. Don't get fake nails if you don't know how to use them. They are bulky, heavy, and awkward if you've never had them. They hurt a lot when they break (or so I've heard) and your nails take a really long time to recover from all that glue.
5. Again, stick with comfort and elegance.


If you have followed each of these steps, you look absolutely stunning or probably hate my guts for all the work or both.

I'm not the perfect expert. Only you know what looks best and what you are most comfortable in. Most of all...yes...this is corney...but yes...this is yourself. You are going to the formal to have a great time, socialize with friends, and dance your LBD off. These are just some tips to make you feel confident.

Au revior,


PS - This is what (my boyfriend and) I looked like last night, in case you were wondering:

M-I-C-K-E-Y, I'm-A-Dis-Ney-Freak

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This Spring Break I am going to Walt Disney World Resort with my aunt (Auntie Jackie), uncle (Uncle Rob - or "Furry/Furry" as we affectionately refer to him), and their daughter, my baby couin, Sydney. She is one year, five and a half months old. I am going as the au pair, that is, designated babysitter. But as a Disney fanatic, I will take any excuse to take a trip down to sunny Orlando.

This will be trip number fifteen for me. That's right folks, that's not a typo - that's trip number one-five. This will be the first time without my brother, mother, and father though, so it will definitely be a different experience. We are set to go March 9-16. Without further ado - here are my travel plans, at a glance. Please note that it does not include the plan for every day, as they will be jumbled up and repeats. Also, please enjoy my personal pictures. They are all mine except for the icon for Disney's Hollywood Studios. (I don't have one of those one my computer).

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